Anne Cope Ceramics Necklaces

Original ceramic (pottery) jewellery by Anne Cope

A small studio pottery based in Topsham, Devon.

Specialising in beautiful handmade ceramic jewellery.

Distinctive, original designs. Subtle, vibrant colours.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings.


Easy button-and-loop fastenings (no metal used except in Big Bead range) or simple tie-ends if desired. Earrings to match or 'go with'. Strung on very strong dyed cotton thong or cord.

Anne Cope Ceramic Necklace
Anne Cope Ceramic Bracelet


Elasticated - strung on very strong double-stranded synthetic elestic.
Mix and match with earrings.


A huge range of shapes and colours, all with sterling silver fittings.

Anne Cope Ceramic Earrings